Budmaster COB-X-6 LED Grow Light


Budmaster COB-X-6 LED Grow Light Technical Specification

Bar Code:  635346597565
LED’s:  Citiled S4 High CRI COB
Coverage:  80cm x 120cm
Energy Used:  306w
Input Voltage:  100 – 240v
Frequency:  50 – 60 hz
Current:  600ma
Dimensions:  31 x 49 x 8cm
Warranty:  3 Years

Weight:  6kg

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With our new range of Budmaster C.O.B (Chip on Board) unit we have once again produced a truly unbeatable light engine using the world’s best C.O.B’s to give the end user a high quality and high output fixture. As many people are wanting to try white light for their gardens we have allowed the option in Budmaster, white will never be as efficient or as effective for most plants but it still has its place in horticulture for some specific plant groups and for applications where a pink light is not suitable.
Budmaster COB-X-6 Leading Brand High Voltage 600w HPS
Leading brand high voltage 600w HPS
Chlorophyll Absorption Chlorophyll Absorption for 600w DS HPS
The Original and Still Best C.O.B on the Market from Citiled Only the best led

Citiled are made in Japan with highest possible quality standards and are all UL / CUL certified and have many benefits over other COB including:

  • Luminous efficacy has been improved by about 15 % over that of the current model and the world’s highest level of luminous efficacy has been achieved
  • Color rendering is improved while high efficacy is retained
  • Three types of high color rendering products pursuing qualityof light: “Ra 90 on B.B.L.*” “Ra 90 below B.B.L.*” and “Ra 97.”
    * B.B.L.: stands for Black Body Locus.
  • UL standard (UL 8750) certification has been obtained
  • LED dice are placed to generate uniform light in consideration of optimizing the light distribution design of luminaires.
  • The product covers a wide range of luminous flux.
  • The products has reduced variation in the chromaticity range and are compliant with 3-step MacAdam ellipses.
Easy Fitting and Fast Heat Transferrence COB Fitting

As many of you are aware COB’s are very easy to fit compared to traditional SMD diodes. This is partly because of their larger footprint making tasks like soldering and placement much easier and partly also because a wide range of companies make connectors for the most popular cobs that ensure a seamless and solder free fitting.

We use Molex COB connectors to mount our COB directly to our heat sinks and then we have a steel face-plate laser cut and powder coated to then allow the lens to be affixed to the cob and still fit seamlessly into any existing Budmaster lamp.

It’s an elegant and cost effective solution and the component parts are also available to purchase if you want to create your own DIY lamps.

Strong, Durable and Precise UK Made Optics Precision UK Made Optics

And of course we have our optics made in North Wales just one mile from our base this allows us to have full control over the materials used to ensure that each and every batch is identical and of course reduces our Carbon Footprint.

Our lens has many advantages over the individual led lens that you see in use in many lamps, these individual lens are generally designed for downlights etc and are not designed to be used for up to 20 hours per day so the materials they use will degrade over time by up to 60% of the transmission rate in tests we have performed.

Solid sturdy and fire retardant UL approved materials are used to make our optics and our expertise has created a lens with multiple points of control ensuring that all the light output gets to your plants whilst maintaining minimum refraction and maximum transmission over the years.

UK Made Aluminium Pin Fin Heat Sinks UK Made Pin Fin Heat Sinks

And of course we have our heat sinks made here in North Wales next door to our base this allows us to have full control over the materials used to ensure that each and every batch is identical.

  1. Earth Friendly Aluminum for light weight and maximum heat transference.
  2. Maximum surface area using pin fins allow free air flow in any direction while transferring more heat faster.
  3. Strong and Durable design with no sharp edges.
  4. Fits any standard 80mm fan perfectly.

Durable and Tough Chassis UK Made Durable and Tough Chassis

And of course we have our cases made here in the UK, this allows us to have full control over the materials used to ensure that each and every batch is identical and of course reduces our Carbon Footprint.

  1. Tough 1.2mm thick steel case:
    1. Hut inserts and Hank bushes are used to ensure an exact fit.
  2. Fibre laser cutting for accuracy of up to 0.25mm and sealing of cut edges to prevent oxidisation etc.
  3. High end reflective powder coating finish:
    1. UV proof.
    2. Water proof.
    3. Grease proof.
    4. Heat Resistant.
    5. No oxidisation in marine environments.
Tried, Tested and Dependable Drivers UL Approved Dependable Drivers

High quality tried and tested drivers are used in all our Budmaster LED lamps, we have been using the same drivers for three years now and run at a 0.5% failure rate. So long story short we use good drivers that rarely fail.

We use high quality constant current led drivers each of which has its own 12v fan output allowing us to have a more modular and build and better overall redundancy model in our lamps.

All drivers include industry standard and UL approved connectors from TE and JST.

Waterproof and Low Noise Fans Waterproof Fans

Noise is the most common issue that growers have to contend with when purchasing high powered led lamps, with this in mind we have designed our cooling system using low noise fans high output UL approved fans:

  1. Waterproof IP68 rating.
  2. UL, ROHS CE approved.
  3. 26 Decibels.
  4. 2500 RPM.
  5. 33.56 CFM.
  6. JST Connector.